Vacation Home Property Management Services

Holiday Villas Home Care™ was designed from the very start to provide guests with the best vacation rental experience Orlando has to offer- convenience, cleanliness, close proximity to Disney and other theme parks, space, privacy, comfort, and simplicity.
We're headquartered in Orlando, Florida and we offer high quality vacation rentals at affordable prices in the Disney area of Orlando. Unlike most of our competitors, we focus on our guests, their needs, and the requirements and specification of their reservations. We focus on making reservations and getting them right, every time.
Whatever your requirements are -- a pink townhome, a house near your grandma's, a home with a gameroom, a house with two masters -- we can find it for you, and for less than the other guys. Simply start with one of our three categories, (upgraded, basic, or townhome) add on the options you want, (grill, pool heat, crib) add any special requests, and we'll locate that home for you located less than 15 minutes from Walt Disney World.

The Holiday Villas Team is waiting to assist you. Please call us at: 407-217-2978.